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Body Systems Skincare

Peppermint Soap Cleanser

Peppermint Soap Cleanser

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Now 85% ORGANIC - Why not 100%? Making natural soap requires the use of lye which is "natural" but can not be guaranteed "organic".

Our healthy Peppermint Soap bar is for those that enjoy the cool refreshing scent of fresh peppermint. Grown and used for centuries, mint has been used to flavor foods, beverages and medicines. This versatile, pungent, aromatic herb is pleasing for both men & women. And what a healthy way to wake up the senses and skin in the morning or after a great workout.

Body Systems has incorporated not only the wonderful mint scent using real Essential Oils, but we also crushed fresh Organic mint leaves into each bar of handmade soap. As you wash with this bar, your skin will not only feel clean, but it will feel refreshed. The leaves come alive in warm water releasing that aromatic scent to relax the body and refresh your skin feeling like it has been given a special treat.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils of organic safflower and/or organic sunflower, organic palm, and organic coconut (with retained glycerin); essential oils; organic wheat grass; organic barley grass; organic parsley; rosemary extract

Soap Bar Weight: 4oz
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