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Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

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We are absolutely in love with these bags. Perfect size to take your toiletries to the gym or for traveling. Made from reclaimed leftover yoga mat material after the mats have been cut Perfect material because it's waterproof and thick enough to protect the bag contents. Hold your essentials and easily put into your gym bag, carry on, or camping bag.

It's just the perfect size too...not too big or too small. At 8"x5" it's small enough that it can fit on the side compartment of most tote bags but it still holds quite a few products. See it in action with our GO ESSENTIALS SET. Look at all the products it can carry! We put in a shampoo bar, mini deodorant, cleansing stick and workout balm. I've used it also to just carry facial products or just make up essentials for that weekend getaway.

The yoga mat material is naturally waterproof and cushions the contents Add to this already list of benefits, it has a short clutch strap (made from reclaimed materials from a defunk sandal company) making it easy to grab for on-the-go because it packs flat and is so lightweight!

Handmade in USA (beautiful Colorado) by oLovesM

NOTE: All material used to make these bags is reclaimed from unused yoga mats and sandal materials. It has not been previously used.

Size: 8" X 5"
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