1. Deciding if you want to go with our current line of scents and products OR any items that not on our current line. Any items not on our current line would be considered "custom" and require the R&D. If you are going with our current line but with your info on the labels, then this is just Private Label.

Here's our steps if you want to go with our current scents/products:

1. Design Set up Fee - One time $150 fee covers about 4 hours of design time. Any huge amounts over that is $50/hr. This has only happened twice in 18 years and it was due to logo design and or color uncertainty. The Set Up Fee covers the time to design labels and get those files to our printer.

2. Cost - The label cost is the actual cost of printing the labels. All of the labels for all of the products are printed up front and you "own" those. Then when you place an order for products, we just apply the printed up labels. So the cost of labels depends on what products you want, how many of each label and how many are done at once. We try to do as many in the same size to cover as many products to keep costs low. To determine total costs we need to know what products you are interested in, how many different scents for each and then we do price quotes with the printer.

3. Minimums- This is the best part. Because you are purchasing the labels up front, then we don't do any product minimums on orders. The standard $100 wholesale minimum only so you can purchase smaller amounts as you need them instead of the industry standard of having to purchase 1000s of units right away and then sit on a shelf till sold.

4. Timeline - Ranges per customer but normally after the design set-up fee is paid, we then determine which products are wanted so we can get label price quotes. Then w start on label design. We design one label and once approved to move forward, we design all labels and get those files to the printer. You can then start "product orders" anytime. Labels are generally printed within a week or so, and when they get to us we then apply on your containers/products and ship to you ready to go.

When you order the sample sets...note that most of our sample labels are actually done in house on our printer so these don't have the true waterproof and oil proof that our regular sized products have. I can include a couple of our labels in your order so you can see the quality.