January self care means healthier and more sustainable plans instead of quick fix resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.  Time to bust out that new bullet journal or planner today.  I'm an "overall" big goal setter but I'm not into making resolutions.  Here's why.

I've spent 20 yrs as a Fitness Instructor.  Every Jan for about 3 weeks, our gyms and pools have been packed with people trying to loose 10 yrs of fat in a week and overdoing it.  Getting hurt, and jumping into big programs that will burn them out in 2 wks.

Here's my thoughts on this:  If you didn't start at least in Nov or Dec with some sort of extra exercise, please don't just jump into an advanced plan today or tomorrow. Take some time today to walk and think about what you want to start implementing in your daily life that will lower stress, build muscle and get your heart beating.

Now is the time to look at your current lifestyle.  What small steps can you do for a healthier you?  One thing is to look at your body products and skin products you're using everyday.  Look at labels.  Those ingredients are entering your body through your skin so you want healthy, beneficial ingredients instead of toxins, chemicals and any ingredients that are considered allergens.  This is a simple switch up to the better.  The next time you go shopping, pick healthier options.  Switch out your Body Wash, lotion, facial products and STOP with the fragrances sprayed in your home's air.

Next how can you implement those workouts?  And I mean how can you effectively add in a balanced plan that you will be able to enjoy and add to your schedule long term?  A good start is 2 cardio, 2 strength and 2 stretch sessions per week.  This is overly simplified but it's a great start. Don't overdue it.  Don't bite off more than you know you can chew.  

Now isn't the time to promise yourself a 2-hr long workout at the new gym each morning at 6am when you KNOW you have a problem waking up in the mornings.  It may work for a week but it's not sustainable.  And sustainable is the key.  I myself... I can't wake up in the morning.  I never have.  My workouts are at 4 or 5pm.  That's the time of the day that I know works for me.  If I create a 6am workout plan...I'll stop within days and then I'll feel like a failure and it just causes stress.  Which raises cortisol.  Which stops any good plan in its tracks.

So today when you're opening that brand new planner... start to look at 2 areas that you can start this week.  1) Switch out your unhealthy skin products for healthier options like Body Systems' Cleansing Bars, Mineral Soaks, Lip Balm and Post Workout Balm!  2) Determine what exercise program you want to start and when will work for you.

Have questions about workouts?  Wonder what kind of schedule you should be doing?  ASK ME!  Comment on this or let's go over to the Body Systems' Facebook Group and start the discussion!  

Let's make 2023 a Healthier Year with full body wellness instead of short-term resolutions!  

-Teri P

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